Statement Necklaces That Won’t Break Your Bank

Not all statement necklaces are created equal, ladies!

Statement necklaces are my new go-to accessory for glam-ing (my favorite word from Pinterest) up any outfit!  With the varying statement necklace price ranges, it is hard to decide whether a necklace is worth the money.  Here are my tips on how to get the most out of your money + your statement necklace collection!


1. If it is an impulse buy, don’t splurge.

Don’t spend 150+ dollars on a statement necklace that won’t be in style past this season.  If the necklace is outright “summery” and wouldn’t be appropriate for any occasion other than a BBQ, it’s probably not the best piece to make a financial investment in.  Save your precious jewelry cash for items that will continue to make a statement past this season!  My favorite way to do this is to look for replica jewelry.  It’s all of the style without the unnecessary splurge.

2. If it’s going to be a staple, don’t go for what is cheap over what is going to last.

If you need a necklace that is going to serve as a classic + staple, don’t look for one that looks or feels cheap.  You will be more inclined to wear your “classics”  if they are made of quality materials that won’t do strange things like turn your neck funny colors along the chain (gross, right?).  Your classics will remain “in-style” for longer than those trendy pieces, so it is important to get a statement necklace that will be in great shape for as long as you wish.

3. If it looks cheap, it probably is cheap.

Don’t go for a necklace if it looks like the stones will pop out… or the chain will snap.  Don’t get me wrong, some Forever21 + H&M necklaces are great statement pieces, but in my experience, they tend to dull and fall apart after a few nights out.  The price may be great for a impulse buy, but sometimes it is more important to consider the necklace’s longevity if you are absolutely in love with the style.  Save yourself the disappointment of a broken but oh so cute necklace and look for one that is both reasonably priced and going to last!

Check out some of my favorite picks below!
{Links to each necklace are below their picture}



1. Kendra Scott Statement Necklace


2. Bloomingdale’s Statement Necklace


3. Kate Spade Statement Necklace  {My fav splurge}


4. J Crew Statement Necklace



1. Brina Box Statement Necklace


2. Nordstrom Statement Necklace


3. Nordstrom Statement Necklace


4. T+J Designs Statement Necklace {My fav trendy steal}



1. T + J Designs Statement Necklace


2. T + J Designs Statement Necklace  {My fav happy medium}


3. J Crew Statement Necklace


4. Bloomgindale’s Statement Necklace


5. J Crew Statement Necklace


6. J Crew Statement Necklace

What are your favorite places to find a glam + reasonably priced statement necklace?
Leave your fav picks in the comments below!

Thanks for reading, Pretties!

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  1. Susan Bridgford says:

    I love the Kate Spade statement necklace. I need to go get that one! Perfect for every occasion or just with jeans and a white t-shirt.

  2. Check out http://www.facebook.com/kiwiishop they have amazing statement necklaces and very affordable prices

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