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I’ve always loved the 4th of July, but Pinterest has given me even more reasons to obsess over the holiday’s festivities!  Since I’m about to start plotting my own crafty endeavors and outfits for the big day, I thought I would share some of my favorite 4th of July DIYs and style picks from my own Pinterest boards!  Feel free to click on each photo for the pin’s direct link + more details. Enjoy!

1. Patriotic Licorice – Why didn’t I think of this?  If you’re looking for a fool-proof way to impress your friends and family, dipped licorice is the way to go.  Add some clear gift baggies + ribbon and you’re ready to go.



2. Stars + Stripes Nails.  Here’s an easy way to spice up any 4th of July outfit!  If you’re not gifted when it comes to nail art, you could make this nail DIY much simpler and skip the stripes part.  I plan on using the red + blue nail combo from step #1 and skipping straight to the polka dots part in step #5.


3. Star Spangled Maxi Dress. You might only {realistically} get to wear this loud, patriotic number once a year, but it’ll be worth every penny. Throw on a jean jacket and you’re set.


4. Dipped Strawberries.  So simple and festive!  These will probably be eaten in the first ten minutes of your party, so make sure to document your culinary skills to the fullest before its too late…


5. ‘MERICA Vans.  These might be a little more wearable than the maxi dress {oh, and they’re perfect for ‘Merica themed parties year-round}. Plus, they’re comfy!


6. Cozy Flag Sweater.  I sported this exact sweater for last year’s 4th of July festivities.  It is easily one of the best purchases I’ve made when it comes to costumes/themed apparel.  It’s stylish and easy to throw on at the end of the day when everyone gathers for fireworks!

7. HAIR BOWS! If you’re going for more of an understated 4th of July look (or just don’t want to invest money in something that can’t realistically be worn year-round), a patriotic hair bow is a great choice.  If you’re going for a sophisticated 4th of July look that doesn’t involve wearing a flag as a piece of clothing, I recommend checking out these patriotic hair bows from my Etsy shop!  {WOOOO. My shop just re-opened after being “on vacation” for the duration of my stay in New York City!}

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If you have your own 4th of July picks, post your links in the comments!  Also, if you have your own blog post about the 4th of July, feel free to leave the link to your post below. If you need some more #Pinspiration, feel free to check out my boards HERE! Thanks for reading, Pretties!



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  1. These are great picks! I love the forth of July and all the red white & blue that comes with it. This year well be outta town so I have no idea how well celebrate yet. But I’m looking forward to it!

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