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I’m the type of girl who is always looking for new beauty products to try – I experiment with a lot of lipstick brands and I am always on the lookout for this month’s Ipsy package in the mailbox!  One of the simplest ways to update your look or add a little kick to an outfit is to experiment with your beauty routine.  But before your start experimenting, you have to start with your “canvas” (foundation, moisturizer, etc.). The canvas sets the stage for whatever pop of fun you might be adding!

With all of the thousands of new products out there, it is hard to differentiate the products that will be used once or twice from the products that will become a beauty routine staple.  Below, I have compiled a list of the fabulous beauty products that I use on a daily basis.  I consider all of these products to be worth the money because of the substantial amount of product you receive.  So, if you’re looking to spice up your beauty routine, take a look at these must-haves!

{If you have any questions about the products below, feel free to drop me a comment!}


Pretti Please // Favorite Cosmetics

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  1. Oh my gosh! I love Laura Mercier, but have never tried their setting powder due to the price. I swear by the Urban Decay setting spray though…definitely works it’s magic no matter the circumstances!
    Pi Love,

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