Bridal Shower Fun!

This past weekend, my mother, sister, and I had the pleasure of hosting our dear family friend’s bridal shower! The bride, Robin, and her sister, Carly, have been part of our lives for as long as I can remember. They used to babysit the whole Bridgford bunch (all 5 of us!) and have always been like big-sisters to me!

My mom and I had soo much fun planning the shower!  She did most of the planning/ordering and I did most of the crafting/decor.  We booked a private room at Prego in Irvine, CA.  In preparation for the shower, I looked at dozens of pinterest boards for games, prizes, and fun decor possibilities.  We ended up ordering a gorgeous cake from Cinderella Cakes in Laguna Hills.  In addition, we ordered  delicious (and super stylish) “wedding dress” cookies to give out as party favors. During the event, we played three games: “It’s All About Robin,” “Who Got the Groom?,” and a fun fill-in-the-blank game using candy bars as the answers.  Keep reading for full details on the games, decor, and desserts!

IMG_4091Pictured left to right: Susan (aka my gorgeous mom), Robin’s friend, Robin (the bride!), Ashley, Me, and Carly (Robin’s sister)

THE GAMESIMG_90631. The first game, “It’s All About Robin,” consisted of 15 questions…all about the bride! Whoever answered the most correctly got to pick their prize!

IMG_90522. The second game, “Who Got the Groom?,” was a simpler game where we handed out a hot pink envelope to each guest.  When we said to open the envelope, whoever got the popsicle stick with a picture of the groom (in a  tuxedo!) attached to it was the winner.  This was our adaptation of when the bride throws the boutique at a wedding – whoever won was next to be married! Robin’s best friend who flew in from New York was the winner.  Check out the photos below to see some of the other handsome guys involved in the game!

IMG_90643. The third game was the most fun, in my opinion! My mom put together a big poster board full of candy bars, which served as our “word bank.”  We then got a sheet of questions that we answered using the names of candy bars – it was really funny!  The winner won the board full of candy, of course.

I was absolutely obsessed with the way that Robin’s chair decorations turned out! I simply got a bunch of white tulle, cut it into long strips, and looped the strips around the chair.  My mom brought a string of white flowers that I wove into the tulle as well! We bought the metallic vases for the centerpieces and had a local florist put together the arrangements. They looked fabulous!  The food at Prego was absolutely delicious. We had appetizers consisting of grilled vegetables, caprese salad, and several other small bites.  We had a light salad and then several different types of pasta for the main course, served family-style.

IMG_8990IMG_9049IMG_9051IMG_1521 IMG_9047 IMG_1469




Congratulations to Noah & Robin! 🙂

I hope that everyone in attendance had a great time – I know I did! If you want any details about the vendors/crafts used for the event, feel free to ask questions in the comments! Thanks for stopping by.


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  1. What darling ideas! Games sounded like great fun and I loved your decorations and sweets. Grandma

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