Golden Hour on Melrose | STYLE POST

I am definitely channeling Blair Waldorf in today’s post! 🙂 This outfit is from a couple of days ago when I attempted to pay a visit to Carrera Cafe (which is frequently featured on my Instagram, so make sure to follow along!). My friend, Alison, and I set out to get some of LA’s most Instagram-worthy lattes but were suuuuper sad when we arrived and the restaurant had already closed for the evening…whoops! Surely we can’t be the only ones looking for a pick-me-up at 6pm, right? Haha, anyways, we will make sure to Google the hours the next time that we are feeling spontaneous and desperately searching for a latte (lol).

I loved this outfit that I put together so much that we took some photos of it by the infamous “pink wall” on Melrose! This hat is hands down my new favorite for fall because it can be dressed up or down. In all honesty, I pulled this outfit from the *way* back of my closet because it finally fits again. Make sure to read my lengthy caption on this pic for more details on my fitness journey and the recent goal I achieved. I REALLY REALLY appreciate all of the positive vibes that were left in the comments section on that particular Instagram post. There truly are more kind + supportive people out there on the internet than we think. Anyways, I just wanted to end this post by saying how much I appreciate the positivity. 🙂

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YVES SAINT LAURENT | Black Opium vs. Black Opium Nuit Blanche



Yves Saint Laurent’s Black Opium perfume has been a longtime favorite of mine. In college, it was the fragrance I reached for on special occasions because I loved the way it faded over time into a sweet, feminine fragrance without being too overpowering. The noticeably charming fragrance features notes of coffee accord, orange blossom, cedarwood essence, and patchouli essence; making it an essential for any perfume hoarding, luxury lovin’ woman (haha, but really!). I would describe YSL’s Black Opium as the most luxurious of evening perfumes because it is exciting, feminine, floral, and an attractive choice for women of all ages.

YSL Beauty recently launched another gorgeously packaged fragrance called Black Opium Nuit Blanche. Similar to the original Black Opium, this is a warm feminine scent that I find just a little more subtle and wearable for daytime. It has notes of pink pepper, orange blossom, coffee, and vanilla and wears beautifully for hours on end. I have been wearing it every day this week and have already received SO many compliments on it! People have literally stopped me to ask what perfume I’m wearing. I love that it comes in several sizes – a smaller travel size spray (just $28!) as well as a 1.0 oz and 1.6 oz bottle.

If you’re a feminine scent kind of gal, make sure to sample Black Opium Nuit Blanch on your next trip to Sephora. I received Black Opium Nuit Blanch as well as Black Opium courtesy of Influenster for testing and review purposes, though all photos and opinions included in this post at my own. I have used the original Black Opium perfume for nearly 2 years, so I was absolutely  thrilled to be selected to sample the new Black Opium Nuit Blanch. I hope you also get a chance to try + love these incredibly chic fragrances from the iconic Yves Saint Laurent beauty line.




It is no secret that Chanel’s handbags and other fashion-focused products are undoubtedly iconic; created with the utmost attention to detail. The same exquisite quality and attention to detail is easily seen in Chanel’s line of luxury cosmetics. I decided to give two shades of Chanel’s ROUGE DOUBLE INTENSITÉ a try and, after experimenting with them for a bit, I am happy to report that I am very satisfied with their quality!

Ladies – this isn’t your average lipstick or lipgloss. One side of this lip duo houses an ultra-pigmented lip color while the other side houses a high shine, long-wearing lip gloss. The color payoff is incredible for a liquid base product and the high shine gloss seals in the color without leaving your lips looking dry, tacky, or messy. The two ultra wear lip colors that I purchased are Merry Rose & Light Rose. While experimenting with the application process, I learned that it is best to let the pigmented base coat fully dry before applying the clear high shine gloss.

Since Chanel is a luxurious cosmetic line, everything (in true Chanel-style) arrives beautifully wrapped. It truly feels like a treat to open their packages! And while the price may seem a little steep for a lip product, the color payoff is amazing, the ingredients are high quality, and you are essentially getting two products in one. I highly recommend Chanel’s entire line of ROUGE DOUBLE INTENSITÉ lip colors for women who like dual purpose products, high-quality packaging, long-wearing formulas, and saving a bit of space in their handbag or cosmetic bag.

Mission San Juan Capistrano + Ghost Stories…



Today I’m sharing a few pictures I snapped while visiting Mission San Juan Capistrano with my boyfriend a few weekends ago. I actually went to school in San Juan Capistrano for what felt like forever (preschool – 8th grade), so I’ve been to this location quite a few times in the past for school and family related events. This time, I got to explore the Mission at a more leisurely pace and take in the history alongside my boyfriend who had actually never visited Mission San Juan Capistrano before.

It is no surprise that hundreds of people visit and re-visit the Mission every year! It was so beautiful and calm, but you could feel the dense, mixed history as you walked around the grounds.

I vividly remember kids from my elementary school joking around the day before our group tour about the ghosts that “continue to haunt the Mission.” I went home and Googled a bunch of ghost stories about the Mission and completely freaked myself out about the class tour….but I am happy to report that on my most recent visit, we did not see any ghosts (hahaha). I might have been a little (OR A LOT…) freaked out while visiting this location with my school as a kid, but now I think the Mission is equal parts beauty + history. The buildings and gardens are so beautiful and well maintained – it is no wonder that so many photographers, couples, and families visit this location for photo shoots. This is a must-see if you’re in Southern California – the grounds are so uniquely picturesque!




Immediately after my boyfriend surprised me with Disneyland tickets for my birthday 25th birthday, I went online and hunted down the most beautiful + sparkly Minnie Mouse ears that I could find. Disney’s official website was sold out of the ever-so-Instagram-famous rose gold ears, but I found these EVEN BETTER and incredibly well made Rose Gold Minnie ears for only $30 online! They are truly SO unique with their plush bow design + beautiful rose gold sequins. I got so many compliments on these ears while we walked around the park! We had a great time and skipped the massive lines by going on a random Monday and getting as many FastPasses as Disneyland would allow. I can’t wait to visit again with my stylish Rose Gold Minnie ears!

Are you also a fan of unique Disney finds?! I saw so many cute pairs of ears while walking around the park and couldn’t help wanting to purchase them all, haha. I’m always interested in checking out other fashionable Disney pieces for future trips, so feel free to share your favorite Disney finds in the comments section! xo

Anniversary Brunch || Hotel Bel Air

Recently, my boyfriend and I celebrated our 4th anniversary by grabbing brunch at the beautiful Hotel Bel Air and enjoying some of our other new favorite LA hangouts. We ate at the Hotel Bel Air’s casual indoor/outdoor restaurant and then walked around the grounds of the hotel for a little bit, wondering why we hadn’t visited this unique location earlier.

We got some amazing shots of the lush landscaping and then visited some of the fun murals nearby on Melrose. Julian has been working on his photo taking skills (per my request, hahahah) so I thought I’d show them off on his behalf – he’s MAJORLY improved guys! We have really grown as a couple over the last 4 years….but I also like to joke that Julian has grown exponentially as my photographer 😉 . This is just one example of how sweet Julian is to me and how he much supports me in ALL of my endeavors, especially blogging! He knows how happy blogging makes me, so he is more than happy to play a part in it.

This white smock dress was absolutely perfect for the insanely hot weather we were experiencing (and also made the *perfect* backdrop for these gorgeous flowers I received! 😉 ). I’ll be the first to admit that we took a million photos of me with the flowers, but can you blame me?! They were so pretty.

Thank you so much to Hotel Bel Air for hosting us and to my boyfriend for showing me a great time, as always. The hotel was amazing and you should definitely check it out if you live in the area or plan on visiting! I know that we will be back soon.


I recently celebrated my 25th birthday, so I thought I’d share some of the fun photos we took + details about the amazing venue! My boyfriend threw me a fabulous birthday party in Los Angeles at an uber-trendy rooftop bar called E.P. & L.P. (see pics below – you’ll believe me about the trendy part, haha!). The rooftop was absolutely massive and had the cutest decorative accents. Neon lights, succulents, gorgeous patio furniture, the whole nine yards. My friends all happened to be wearing colorful dresses or fun patterns, so the pictures turned out really pretty and vibrant – just like each of my friends 🙂

I had so much fun chatting with my friends and blowing out the “imaginary candles” on the yummy Sprinkles cupcakes that my sister brought for me! It was actually close to 90 degrees on the day of my party – so hot that the super cute gold candles my boyfriend brought for me literally melted in the sun, but I made a wish anyways and just “blew out” my imaginary ones instead, haha. I guess that at the end of the day, there is no group I’d rather sweat my butt off on a beautiful rooftop with! The older I get, the more I realize the importance of friends and family in my life. I am so thankful for all of my wonderful, supportive, and positive-minded friends who were cheering me on every step of the way over this last year. 24 was a year full of changes for me and couldn’t have done it without all of the love and support I received from my friends and family (you know who you are 🙂 ).

My 24th year will always be an important one to me. It will always be the year that I started my business and began my journey to being fit, happy, and healthy. I hope to keep this momentum going and have even more to celebrate at this time next year! So many aspects of my life have changed over this last year…and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I can’t thank my family, friends, and boyfriend enough for giving me such a memorable and special 25th birthday celebration. I am truly #BLESSED!


Thanks for stopping by! xo

MEDITREE | Pure Australian Botanicals

I’m the type of girl who is always looking for the next best beauty product, so I spend quite a bit of time researching facial products that are effective and safe to use. An unfortunate recent experience with an allergic reaction to a less-than-perfect product in my skincare regimen caused me to stop and look at what is actually in my beauty products. I talked with my dermatologist about all of the different items I had been using and decided to revamp my skincare routine and see if that showed any improvements for my red, irritated skin.

So I tried something new. I started using MediTree’s new line of Pure Australian Botanicals that is 100% naturally derived and oh-so-good for you + your skin. This luxurious line of products was developed and created in the Byron Bay Shire, Australia, and helps all types of skin stay clear with a natural methodology in mind. I know that “clean beauty” is the latest trend, but freeing yourself from synthetic dyes, phthalates, unnecessary harmful fragrances, and many other harmful ingredients should NOT be a trend, it should be a standard. The following is a quick list of things that you will not see within this post.

All products featured in this post are free from:

-mineral oil
-petrolatum/paraffin wax
synthetic parabens
-propylene glycol
-ethanol amines

-polyethylene glycol
-sodium laurel sulfate
-synthetic dye
-animal byproducts
-animal testing

Okay, I know, that’s a long list, but I’m trying to make a point here! These products are great for your skin. Finding luxurious, well-made beauty + skincare products that meet my quality expectations is paramount. I don’t want harmful ingredients or irritants in my skincare regimen – because wouldn’t that defeat the purpose?! The products that I am about to share are not tested on animals, are 100% vegan, and are australian made + owned. Most interestingly of all – the packaging is recyclable! The tubes and caps have a “special enzyme to make them biodegradable in a landfill within 5 years.” THAT’S SO COOL GUYS.

A wonderful brand called Nature’s Plus was kind enough to send me both of their new collections from MediTree – the MediTree Kakadu Plum Series as well as the MediTree Tea Tree Series. Each series is geared towards a certain skin type and/or environment, which makes it fairly easy to decide which one would be best for your skin. Without further ado, here are the 2 series that I have been using and loving!



I’m going to start off by talking about the MediTree Kakadu Plum Series since it was my favorite of the two! It is best for normal, dry, sensitive, and mature skin. MediTree also recommend this series for use during the winter months, while in less humid climates, or while experiencing regular/prolonged exposure to air-conditioned environments.

This particular series consists of a Creamy Cleanser, Face Cream, and Face Serum. Here are the details on each of the 3 products in the MediTree Kakadu Plum Series. I made sure to touch on the key ingredients and the benefits that they have to offer your skin!

This cleanser has a creamy consistency and smells light and natural. It does a great job of removing the residue that my makeup wipes leave behind and I like how I can use it in the morning and at night without any irritation.

My dry skin definitely needed this, especial after dealing with my recent skin/allergy issues! It works to moisturize the skin and also helps to promote collagen production. I love when products do multiple things at once for your skin!

This is another collagen promoting product that works to help even out your skin tone and protect your skin. I love using this before bed!

And now for the Tea Tree Series! Read more about that below.



The MediTree Tea Tree Series reminds me of a luxury spa experience. I seriously wish that I had used these products back when I was in high school and was constantly searching for acne-fighting products! Tea tree is known for their purity and is a natural cleansing properties, making it an essential part of your skincare routine. Tea tree also helps to combat breakouts as well as oily skin, making it perfect for people with oily, combination, or blemish prone skin.

The environmental conditions that this particular series has been formulated for include: summer, high humidity, and regular and/or prolonged exposure to harsh environments where people sweat and dirt + debris build up. This line consists of a Facial Cleanser, Hydrator, and Cleansing Scrub & Mask. Here are the details on each of the 3 products in the MediTree Tea Tree Series as well as their key ingredients:

I use this tea tree cleanser in the morning because it gives such a refreshing start to my day! It has a creamy consistency (like the Kakadu Plum Cleanser I mentioned earlier) and feels like it really draws out the impurities in the skin.

This hydrator is perfect when paired with the cleanser I just mentioned! I use the tea tree hydrator right after and my skin instantly feels more awake and energized. It doesn’t leave your skin feeling oily, so it is perfect for those who have naturally oily skin and want to mattify. If you have acne prone skin, this is a good hydrator to use on a daily basis because it won’t leave you dry or oily.

GUYS, this product feels like such a treat. It is a 2-in-1 formula with a scrub that also acts as a mask. It has a luxurious, spa-like feel to it and instantly brightens my lifeless skin (haha). I use this 2 times a week in order to give my dry skin a little “boost” without drying it out. I highly recommend it!




Since I love both of these product lines so much, I want to encourage you all to take look at the MediTree Botanicals webpage by clicking here. With each passing year, I become more and more aware of what I am using on my skin and the larger impact that the ingredients have on me + my environment. With MediTree’s new Pure Australian Botanicals line, you can get the luxury feel without reading through dozens of complicated names on in a less-than-perfect ingredient lists. This product line has something that can benefit nearly ALL skin types, so I highly suggest that you check it out! Best of all – each product I mentioned here is exceptionally priced. Make sure to use the Nature’s Plus store locator tool if you are interested in trying these collections out in person!

Thanks so much for stopping by! I sincerely hope you give the natural products route a try. Please let me know in the comments section if you have tried any of these products + what you thought about them! xo

Spirited + Fashionable | USC GAME DAY IDEAS

Today I’m sharing my favorite game day accessories! Since graduating in 2015, I’ve had to get creative with ways to show my school spirit since my sorority/fraternity homecoming tees and knee-high USC tube socks just weren’t cutting it anymore (haha). I hope that you will find these picks helpful + creative! While these items are USC branded, I know that most of them are also available with branding for other colleges – so make sure to take a a look at the links if you’re interested in finding another school.

To say that I am obsessed with these jewelry pieces would be an understatement, guys! They are so perfect for gifting to girls who just got into USC or are preparing to graduate. I wore mine to my graduation ceremony (pictures below) and got tons of compliments on it. While I didn’t initially think that I would have many opportunities to wear these pieces (apart from wearing them on game days), I actually get a ton of wear out of them. I love wearing them to alumni events and while traveling to different places for games.
I received the USC arched full logo necklace for my birthday a few years ago and I found the SC logo interlock necklace while browsing the USC bookstore between classes back in the day. I also wear my SC interlock charm bracelet year-round, it’s around $30! You can find it here in gold and silver.

I don’t know why, but I LOVE pins! I have been collecting a few over the years from games and special events, but I narrowed it down to my top 2 favorites for this post. I like to switch them up depending on which game I’m going to and what I’m pinning it on. My Rose Bowl Pin was from the 2017 game so I don’t have an exact link, but the SC interlock logo pin + tons of other fun pins (most of them under $10!!) can be found here!

As much as I love me a good mini handbag, there’s such a ting at TOO mini. Sadly, the stadium’s new handbag policy has some ridiculously small size requirements for bags that are not transparent. While I know this rule exists for security reasons (yay for security/safety!!), it pretty much rules out bringing in a non-transparent bag because it will be too small to be functional.
Since nearly every single stadium has implemented a clear bag policy, I always make sure to have a stadium-approved bag for game days. I usually take my really cute USC Trojans Clear Handbag from Silver & Gold Boutique because it is the perfect size and fits all of the essentials! I also love taking this larger transparent crossbody satchel because it is a really chic take on your average transparent handbag. I like using the slightly larger satchel for away games since I might be traveling and need to hold a few extra things in my bag. I couldn’t find the exact link to the one that I have in the photo since it is a bit older, but this one is similar. Also, you might be able to find a similar one if you search “transparent crossbody bag” on eBay!

The walk from the tailgate to the stadium is often pretty far, so I always make sure to wear comfy sneakers to games. Last season I wore these red SC interlock logo sneakers TO DEATH and they are still in great shape! I picked those up at the bookstore a few years back, but they are also available online.
I just recently received these USC Classic Slip Ons from a brand called Skicks and can’t wait to bring them on my trip to the USC vs. CAL weekender trip next month! Skicks also makes these USC Low Tops that my mom and I plan to share (she’s also a Trojan!). Yes – I know three pairs of USC themed shoes seems excessive, but hopefully these will last for many many seasons to come!

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave any questions that you may have about sizing, styling, etc. in the comments section.


Friday Five | Silver & Gold Boutique

HAPPY FRIDAY! Today I’m covering my top 5 pieces that are trending at Silver & Gold Boutique (this is obviously one of my favorite brands since it is my own, haha). I thought that I would do a little explaining about who Silver & Gold Boutique caters to.

When stocking my boutique, I think about who would wear the piece, where they’d wear it, and what they’d style it with. Some pieces are on the boho end of the spectrum and some pieces give off a minimal (while also feminine) vibe. Some pieces are statements and some are classics that can be styled for years to come. Ultimately, we know that the modern woman is all about marching to the beat of her own drum, which is why I aim to keep the collection wearable and on trend.

Checkout my Friday Five below!

1. Penelope Floral Embroidered Sneakers
My heart quite literally skipped a beat when I saw these, haha. They are SO CUTE and I have never gotten more compliments on a pair of shoes – ever. They just got marked down to $49.99, so I know they’re such a style steal. They’re one of our bestsellers and are incredibly comfortable! Floral embroidery (and embroidery in general) is one of the hottest trends right now, so these sneakers just make so much sense for the fashionista on-the-go.

2. Pennylane Corduroy Skirt
Truth be told – this is our most viewed listing on our website! This is one of our more unique pieces in the boutique and it can be super versatile with the right styling. I would love to pair this with some opaque tights for the fall/winter and it looks perfectly appropriate for summer despite its corduroy fabrication. It’s a lightweight corduroy that works year-round, which is why it holds a solid spot in my Friday Favorites.

3. Venice Ruffled Dress
Oh my gosh, this dress is SO DARLING in person (and in pictures!). Ruffled details are trending right now and this dress does ruffles perfectly! I love how the fabric is the most feminine pale pink color and complimented by the intricate lace contrast at the neckline + sleeves. The Venice dress definitely takes the cake for the most feminine piece in the collection!

4. On the Fringe Heels
These heels are truly so versatile! They have a chunky heel + padded insoles that will make sure you enjoy wearing them all night long. I love that they have a classic, chic silhouette with the unique fringe detailing that makes you take a second look. They’re a modern, boho take on a classic shoe. I could wear these to nearly any occasion honestly!

5. Audrey Pearl Embellished Shorts
These are the pearl embellished beauties of my wildest dreams. These first caught my eye because the detailing – it really stands out against the rugged, distressed vibe of the denim. If I could describe my style in one clothing item, it would be the Audrey Pearl Embellished Shorts! These sold out super fast in small and medium, but we have a few size larges left if anyone is looking to upgrade their denim shorts collection to Audrey’s status.

Thanks so much for stopping by to check out my Friday Five! I’m also more than open to answering some of the “Q&A” type of questions that I’ve received via my Instagram DMs about starting/running my business, so please feel free to shoot me an email ( or a quick DM if you would be interested in a series on boutique-related content! Have a fabulous weekend.