Vinyl Decal + Glitter | Mason Jar DIY


love doing DIYs with mason jars! I feel like there are so many decor possibilities for these little mason jars because they are so versatile.  I like working with them because they are great make-up brush or pencil holders and also make for cute gifts!  If you’re looking for the perfect way to decorate your mason jars, look for further! Follow this super quick tutorial and you’ll have a fab mason jar in no time!




-A mason jar of any size/shape will work for this tutorial.  {Available at Michael’s!}
-GLUE, I used regular Elmer’s glue but you can also use Mod Podge.
-A vinyl decal of some sort {I got mine from BowtiqueByJacqueline!}
*OPTIONAL, but very helpful: a vinyl hook!  I got mine here.

Let’s get started!

STEP 1: Apply your vinyl decal to your jar!  Make sure your jar is clean and dry, then begin by peeling back the top layer of the transfer tape & pressing your design face down on the jar’s surface.  Next, peel back the transfer tape to reveal your design.

{The jar looks great as-is, but we will make your jar even prettier with glitter!}

 IMG_1222 IMG_1224

STEP 2:  And now for the fun part, the glitter bath.  Coat your jar with glue and make sure that the distribution of glue is thick enough to catch a lot of glitter, but not going to run all over the place. I used regular Elmer’s glue because it is thick enough to catch large glitter and won’t run all over!

*TIP: I placed my jar in a shoe box for it’s “bath.” It helps keep the glitter in one place and makes it easier to pour the excess glitter back into the container!


STEP 3: Cover the entire surface of the jar with glitter & let dry for 2 minutes.


STEP 4: Before the glue/glitter combination dries, you have to remove the decal and reveal your design – this is where the weeding tool (see materials) comes in handy!!! It was very easy to remove the decal using this tool.  Simply peek into the jar and see where the vinyl decal is hiding below the glitter & gently remove it from the jar’s exterior.  Be patient, you do not want to move around a lot of glitter because it will distort the design!


STEP 5: Voilà! Let your jar dry & display it! 
{I put tissue paper inside my jar so that you could could clearly see the design in photos!}


The finished product!



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  1. I LOVE this idea!! So easy and beautiful! Great for a wedding shower table favor too. I will be making these in gold and pink as table favors. I will place one at each seat with each guest’s initials on them. I will fill them with jelly bellies in different colors, ones that match my table scheme!! LOVE IT!!

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