Bowtique By Jacqueline + USC Helenes!

This weekend I had the honor of selling my Bowtique By Jacqueline hair bows on USC’s beautiful campus!  My wonderful mother helped me put together a display at USC Helenes’ fundraising event called “Ignite the Night.”  If you don’t already know about Helenes, they are a service sorority.  I was asked to sell my hair bows at their Ignite the Night event because my Alpha Delta Pi Diamond Sister, Lissa, is a Helene!  She put me into contact with some of her girlfriends that were in charge of the event and I put together the bows/presentation that you see below in just 4 days (with some major decorating help from my mom!).  The event had a yummy BBQ dinner, country music, and line dancing!



It was fun to set up a table (it was my first in-person sale!) and chat with some of the girls about what they do as a member of Helenes.  I am really happy that I was able to gain some sales experience while also raising money with a great group of girls!  20% of hair bow sales were donated to the Los Angeles Downtown Women’s Shelter, Helenes’ charity of choice!  You can find out more about the USC Helenes by clicking here.  Here are some more photos from the event:

{My Little Sis, Lissa, and I}

{My beautiful mom and I}

{Some of my Alpha Delta Pi sisters who are in Helenes!}


{My friend, Megan, modeling her new hair bow}

Here are some photos of the bows I sold! (Notice my NEW business cards? I am obsessed with them!)



If you’re interested in purchasing any of the bows sold at the event, please leave your email in the comments! I have extras that I’d love to sell (and still donate 20% to Helenes’ charity, of course!).  They are one for $7 or two for $12 and I will create a custom listing for you through my Etsy if you are interested!

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I'd love to hear from you! Please leave your comment below. XO, Jacqueline

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